Green Apple

  • Disposable electronic cigarette Elf Bar Green Apple - BC4000 puffs 

Green Apple

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    Disposable electronic cigarette Elf Bar Green Apple - BC4000 puffs 

    Such products have the advantages of no annoying smell and the ability to charge the device after the battery is completely discharged. Pod has 5% nicotine and therefore is a good substitute for smoking standard cigarettes.

    Elf Bar Green Apple flavor 4000 draws

    The Elf Bar 4000 puff pod system with a Type-C port for extra charging is perfect for those who like a bit of sourness in the taste of green apples, because this disposable has a sweet and sour taste. Quite unusual, but not a bad option to diversify your smoking with an unusual taste.


    Battery Capacity Rechargeable 650mAh
    Manufacturer Elf Bar
    Country China
    Smoke High
    Flavor Green,Apple
    Puffs 4000 Puffs
    Original name

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