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Elf Bar

4000 Puffslight


460 грн. 500 грн.

Elf Bar

4000 Puffslight

Avocado Cream

460 грн. 500 грн.

Lost Mary

4000 Тягlight

Strawberry Pina Colada

325 грн. 375 грн.

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Акційні пропозиції

Gradually, disposable cigarettes "break" into the world of vaping, and therefore they become popular and widespread. The presented devices are easy to use, convenient (due to their small size they can easily fit in a pocket), and can also fully satisfy all the needs of a vaper. They have an incredible ability to combine different aromas and flavors with a fairly strong salt-based nicotine.

If you're looking for a simple and easy way to satisfy your nicotine cravings, disposable cigarettes are the way to go. To choose and buy one-time cheap, you need to seek help from our Odnorazki online store, which offers a wide range and low prices. Thanks to promotional offers, every vaper (both a beginner and a real professional) will be able to buy high-quality and original e-cigarettes, choosing a specific model by shape, size, brand and other criteria.

Buy one-time inexpensively in our online store

Based on the name "disposable cigarette", it becomes clear that after using a certain number of rods, the device must be disposed of. Such Pod systems are sold already fully prepared for operation: a charged battery, a cartridge filled with a certain aromatic liquid for the future vaping process. An important advantage is the fact that disposables do not require maintenance, and therefore are convenient and practical for all users.

In addition, it is worth noting a few more important advantages:

  1. Simple operation. Such devices are considered universal and are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of the specific experience of smoking and / or vaping.
  2. Compact dimensions. Disposables are incredibly light, which is why they are called portable devices.
  3. Soft and rich steam. The cartridges are filled with high quality nicotine salt e-liquid.
  4. The optimal dose of nicotine. Most models are filled with liquid with a high nicotine dose - 50 ml (5%), and therefore they become an excellent alternative to conventional cigarettes.
  5. Tightness. The presented e-cigarettes are distinguished by a special leak protection technology, thanks to which the aromatic liquid is stored inside throughout the entire period of operation of the device.
  6. Convenience while traveling. There is no need to carry chargers, sets of bottles with fragrant liquid. All you need to take with you is one or more single drinks with different flavors.

A high-quality one-shot at an inexpensive price is not a myth, but a reality available on the website of our Odnorazki store. Regular promotions and discounts allow customers to stay in trend, choosing popular devices with significant savings for their own wallet. Managers will help you make the right choice by ordering one-time with delivery.